FORMATIVE PEDAGOGYFor implementing self-regulated learning

and the construction of inner control.

FORMATIVE PEDAGOGYFor more dialogue between students and teachers

and for forming better relationships.

FORMATIVE PEDAGOGYFor more student activity

cooperation, dialogue and feedback on how to improve learning.

FORMATIVE PEDAGOGYFor helping students improve the knowledge

that will have the greatest effect on their work and their achievements.

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“When I allowed myself to step outside my comfort zone and think outside the box, I started testing out different approaches to education and overcoming my limiting beliefs. Now, I approach and evaluate my students wholesomely and I know each of their strengths, weaknesses, and can tell where they still have room for improvement. Change begins within each and every one of us. It isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it.”

Maths teacher, Primary school Dornberk

“Formative monitoring has helped me learn Maths more successfully by providing me with the exercises that fit my skill level. I also found the opportunities to demonstrate my knowledge really useful because they helped me monitor my progress. Those opportunities also saved me a lot of time by showing me how much I’ve already learned and what I still had to work on.”

Student, Preserje pri Radomljah Primary school

“Formative monitoring taught me how to listen to every single student entrusted to me and my school. It taught me to respect and empower my students and provide them with a supportive and encouraging environment that can help them build a healthy dose of self-confidence, learn how to achieve their goals through hard work and self-motivation, and develop the virtues that will help them succeed in life. We’ve achieved all this with the support of an experienced expert practitioner.”

Sonja Arbeiter
Headteacher, 2. Primary school Slovenska Bistrica

“Our lives are influenced by what we learn in the school of life and by little snippets of what we learn during our school years. The moments that truly count are the ones that have either sparked our imagination or broken our hearts. These experiences form the garden of life in which we grow. They become our personal garden of experiences.

However, there are professional ways of transforming schools into gardens of experiences too. We need to search for every opportunity to do so, build these gardens from the ground up, and fight for them. We need to learn. We need to forgive ourselves when we make mistakes. We need to find and surround ourselves with like-minded people. And we need time.

Formative education integrates all the above into one.”

History teacher, Primary school Črni Vrh

COMMUNITYTestimonials and experiences of teachers and headteachers

Teachers and headteachers across Slovenia are learning about the advantages of formative monitoring and knowledge evaluation. Read about their experiences with formative monitoring and the feedback they shared with us.

COOPERATION Connecting and finding more common ground

Professional consultations, seminars, webinars, trainings, and counselling that helps form a dialogue with those who are already using a formative approach of monitoring and education.


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MANUALFrom Theory
to Practice

This manual is the result of knowledge collected during life-long successful practice and experience. It is also backed by the scientific research of both Slovene and foreign experts in the field of education.