EvaluationSelf-evaluation, self-assessment

The goal of self-evaluation is to determine the quality of a pupil’s achieved goals and to form a plan on how to further improve and advance their knowledge.

We use the set criteria to guide us through the process of self-evaluation and make a plan on how to improve – self-regulation.

The pupils can now move on from planning their progress as a group to planning their individual studying strategy based on their personal goals. They can do so with the help of the following questions.

  1. What do I already know?
  2. What am I still struggling with? / What do I still need to learn?
  3. How can I do it?
  4. Who can help me? Where can I get help?
  5. Make a personal study plan with daily activities and targeted exercises (if necessary).

We should help less academically gifted pupils with this step because it is often their greatest weakness. They don’t know how to help themselves.

EXAMPLESPupils’ Self-Evaluations

The self-evaluations are based on the pupils’ predetermined goals and/or the criteria for success.

We can help the pupils by giving them the following sentences to fill in on their own:

  • I can do ____________________________ well.
  • I wish to learn _________________________.
  • I chose this assignment because …
  • You wrote this well ….
  • I suggest you improve…
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