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Future in education is in formative pedagogyMath Teacher and Coach of Formative Pedagogy





Mateja Peršolja s.p.

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“I feel good being a teacher because I can do something good for others.”


  • Author of a handbook for teachers Formative Assessment in Practice (Priročnik FS v praksi)
  • presentation Formative Assessment and Choice Theory Lead to Better Relationships and Knowledge at World Education Summit 2021
  • Professional Learning Community+ Educator.
  • Webinars leader (Napake – priložnost za učenje, Povratna informacija, Spremljanje znanja učencev na daljavo, Kako spremljam znanje učencev na daljavo)
  • Co-author of Talis research: Zaostajanje uporabe IKT za poučevanje v slovenskih osnovnih in srednjih šolah, Educational Research Institute, Slovenia, 2020
  • Lecture on YETDKA conference (Erasmus+: Finland, Germany, Estonia, Slovenia, 2020)
  • Participated at courses by:  dr. John Hattie (Visible learning, 2019), Shirley Clarke (2018), Dylan Wiliam (2014)
  • Leader and organizer of conference Formativno spremljanje znanja v praksi (nov. 2019, 300 participants)
  • 19 years experience in self-regulation and formative assessment as a teacher
  • Member of development group for Formative assessment National Education Institute Slovenia (to 2018)
  • Workshops Formative assessment, National Education Institute Slovenia (2007 – 2016) (natalija.komljanc@zrss.si)
  • Lecturer and organizer Education for Tomorrow in Assessment and Evaluation for effective learning (Eekhout Academy, Belgium) (2016, 2018)
  • Author of articles in journals Vzgoja in izobraževanje, Matematika v šoli, Didatika ocenjevanja znanja, Šolski razgledi, Delo (Viri)
  • Choice Theory certified (W.Glasser Institute)
  • Consultant and coach for schools
  •  Coordinator Erasmus+ K1 project (2015/16)
  • Participant at Finnish lessons for European Schools & Quality management, Finland (2016)
  • Leader and organizer of Knowledge market (Tržnica znanja) at School Preserje pri Radomljah
  • Lecture at International conference Assessment for Learning in 21 Century (Ohrid 2011)
  • Participant at Final conference: Supporting teachers for effective assessment for learning (2014)
  • Participant at CIDREE: Effective Assessment for Learning (2012)
  • Lecture at Breaking tradition 2012 conference (Murray High School, Wiliam Glasser Institute)
  • Lecture Programs for young at Youth Leader Training Seminar (2011)
  • Co-author of program for young climbers (Alpine Association of Slovenia) Ciciban planinec in Mladi planec (2011)
  • Author of article Age adjusted programme of mountain climbing
  • Professor of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana
  • Mountain guide, Slovenia Alpine Association

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