CONFERENCE FOR TEACHERS AND HEADMASTERSConference Formative Pedagogy in Practice
16th March 2023

The Conference on Formative Pedagogy in Practice will take place on 16th March 2023 in Thermana Laško.

17th March Seminar with James Nottingham, the author of the Learning Pit.


7.30 – 8.30     Preparing the showrooms and market stands

8.00 – 9.00     Registration for the attendees

9.00 – 9.10      Introductory speech – conference leader, Mateja Peršolja

9.15 – 10.45     Challenging Learning – James Nottingham 

10.45–11.00      Coffee break

11.00 –12.30    Workshops with provided examples and experience of the teachers, trainers and guests

12.45–13.15      Formative Pedagogy and School Transition – Mateja Peršolja

13.15–14.00     Lunch (and market stands)

14.00–15.00    Viewing the market stands, exchanging ideas

15.00–15.30     Introduction of guests and sponsors

15.30 – 16.15   Discussion: School in 2030

16.00–17.00    Viewing the market stands and exchanging ideas

The workshops will accept between 20 to 100 applicants. Through our workshops, you will be able to get closely acquainted with the process and real-life experience of teachers, headmasters, kindergarten teachers, and guests from Slovenia as well as other countries.

The workshop on school development consulting will be led by Mateja Peršolja and Charlotte Booth (in English), a teacher trainer at Essex Council, an independent consultant, and former headmaster, who has successfully carried out the transition of a school.

Applications for workshops will open in March 2023. The application form will be sent to your e-mail address. 

The main part of conference will be transleted in English. The majority of workshops and stands will be in Slovene.

We will be collecting applications for presentations at the market from November 2022 until January 2023.



James Nottingham is best known as the creator of The Learning Pit® as well as a sought-after keynote speaker and author of eleven books about teaching, learning and leadership. His presentations are characterized by a rare skill for blending arresting anecdotes, hard-edged research, and practical advice into a truly compelling narrative.

At the seminar, James will talk about structuring a lesson with the goal of increasing the engagement of students. The teachers who will attend the seminar, will learn how to lead their class optimally with direct learning, cooperation, student exploration and questions to support learning. Part of the seminar will be dedicated specifically to quality feedback and the Learning Pit.

The seminar will accept up to 100 applicants. The seminar will be held in English.

Photography and filming

The coordinator of the event holds the rights to all photography, video, and audio recordings. All materials are property of the coordinator. The coordinator may use audio, video, and photo materials from the event for promotional purposes, indefinitely.

Quality lectures with current topics, time for mingling and exchanging experience.

Get acquainted with new approaches and reinforce your knowledge of formative assessment by attending lectures or presenting your own experience with formative assessment.

Time for exchanging experience between sympathisers and users of formative assessment. Find and share the knowledge that matters and can help a fellow teacher.

Conference FP in Practice

is intended for teachers and headmasters who want to hear stories of success and see examples of FP across different age groups and subjects.

The conference provides a perfect opportunity for:
– presenting examples from practice,
– presenting novelties in Slovenia and abroad,
– analysing the development of formative assessment,
– exchaging experience on what works and what doesn’t work,
– networking.

You are invited to view the impression galleryConference in picture

Foto: Žiga Intihar


The conference will take place on 16th March 2023, at the Congress Centre Thermana in Laško, Slovenia. The seminar will take place at the same location on 17th March.

The application for the conference will become available after 15th September 2022. We’ll be accepting applications until 1st March 2023. The number of available places for the conference is 400.

Aplication for participants: we are accepting your contributions to the market from 11th November 2022.

Send your application form until 31st January 2023 to All contributions will be reviewed. We will then choose 40 presentations for the market.

Registration fee for the conference on 16th March 2022 (prices include VAT):

  • 150 € per attendee;
  • For applications submitted until 30th October 2021: 130 €;
  • Price for participants 80 € per person;
  • Price for 4 or more attendees from the same school 120 € per person;
  • Price for students 50 €

Registration fee for the Jamesom Nottingham seminar on 17th March 2022 (prices include VAT):

  • 150 € per attendee (the seminar will be in English);
  • For applications submitted until 30th October 2021: 130 € per person;
  • For applicants to the conference AND the seminar 100 € per person;
  • Price for 4 or more attendees from the same school 80 € per person;

Registration fee will be charged to the school after the conference, with the exception of individual applications (payments before 15th March 2023, after the registration fee invoice has been sent).

Cancellation: In case you’ve applied for the conference and are unable to attend, somebody else can attend in your place. In case of non-participation or cancellation (0 – 14 days before the event), you will be charged an organisation fee of 50 €.

In case the conference is cancelled due to Covid-19, the registration fee/advance will not be charged or will be reimbursed.

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Registration is per person (not per group).

Ime in priimek (name and family name). Adress and VAT for the invoice. Or sent the name, e-mail of participants and invoice adress to

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